Gab - you better watch yourself - Gab - You Better Watch Yourself (1996) DUTCH HAPPY.

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Gab launched into private invite-only beta in August 2016. In just over nine months we've been able to attract 191,000+ users from around the world who are creating over one million posts every month. With our nimble technology team we've built out an impressive suite of products including GabTV; our live-streaming product, Gab Chat Rooms; our private group chat product, and Live Topics; our crowdsourced news and discussion product. Gab is a top 9,000 website in the United States and a top 27,000 website globally. Since launch, Gabbers have driven over 85 million page views. Users spend an average of 12 minutes on Gab every time they login. In March of 2017 we launched GabPro, a premium version of Gab with additional features for a small monthly subscription fee. To date we have 1,950 customers subscribed to GabPro. 

Gab - You Better Watch YourselfGab - You Better Watch YourselfGab - You Better Watch YourselfGab - You Better Watch Yourself