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There were seventeen Roman emperors born in the territory of today's Serbia, and it is well-known that they all left monuments and built palaces in or close to their birthplaces. It may well be that the oldest ever found human settlements in Europe, if not in the world, can be found in country of Serbia. The giant hydroelectric dam of Djerdap has created a lake stretching for many miles out of the Canyon Djerdap with its famous Roman road to the East build by the Emperor Trajan.

Known as kajmak, it is almost always produced in the traditional way, in private households; commercial production is also gaining in popularity, but the best kajmak is sold at markets in some countries on the Balkans. The most expensive kajmak is the freshest one which is only a day or two old. It can keep for weeks in the fridge but it becomes hardened and not as tasty as the fresh kajmak. [2] Kajmak can also be matured in dried animal skin sacks, and this variation is called skorup. The word Kajmak can also describe the creamy foam in the traditional "black" Turkish coffee in the Balkans.

At the time of the album recording, Bajagić wanted to remain a member of Riblja Čorba, but the popularity of his songs caused conflicts inside the band. In July 1984 he was, alongside Kojić, excluded from Riblja Čorba, and started a tour with his new band.

Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju is the fifth studio album from Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba . The album was polled in 1998 as the ...

Riblja Čorba - The Best Of Riblja Čorba (Fish Dish)Riblja Čorba - The Best Of Riblja Čorba (Fish Dish)Riblja Čorba - The Best Of Riblja Čorba (Fish Dish)Riblja Čorba - The Best Of Riblja Čorba (Fish Dish)